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Wherever you want to travel in the world, we’re here at My Travel PA to provide you with the expertise and guidance to make it a truly wonderful experience, whether it’s for a romantic beach get away or a bustling city break. Our team of travel experts are passionate about curating unique travel itineraries, perfectly tailored to each customers individual need.


It’s no different with same sex travel, although we do appreciate there is more to take into account when choosing your holiday destination. We understand that there may be concerns about whether certain places are LGBTQ + friendly and, using our in-depth knowledge of local laws and customs, we’re more than happy to provide you with guidance and advice. We value your views and preferences; not everybody is going to be comfortable visiting countries with laws and attitudes that differ to the United Kingdom. Therefore, we’ll always listen to your thoughts and customise travel options specifically to your requirements. The team at My Travel PA keep up to date with any change in legalities and have detailed knowledge of cultural sensitivities in countries around the world.


Sometimes, even the smallest of things can detract from the perfect holiday. From “his and her” robes to a welcome letter addressed “Mr and Mrs”, we appreciate that a lack of attention to detail on the behalf of the hotel can become a cause of annoyance. We strive to make our holidays meet your expectations on every level, therefore welcome a chat about your requirements and avoiding such assumptions by relaying relevant information on to the resort.


Alternatively, if you just want to relax on a romantic break without a care in the world, whether it be for a honeymoon, anniversary a family break to spend time with your children or some well-earned time away together, we have a host of LGBTQ+ friendly destinations waiting for you. We partner with a reputable network of suppliers around the world offering a portfolio of destinations within which you can truly relax and enjoy time with each other.


Feel free to reach out to a member of our team who can provide specialist advice about visiting countries with different laws and cultures to our own. Ultimately, we want to provide you with the right information and assurance to relax and look forward to your holiday in complete confidence.