9 reasons to book

My Travel PA

Planning a holiday is exciting but can quickly become time consuming and overwhelming.

We exist to provide a unique, personable and hassle-free experience from start to finish. So, what can you expect from the team at My Travel PA?

Here are 9 reasons to talk to us when planning your holiday…

1 We really are your personal assistant

Let us do all the hard work, then enjoy picking and dreaming. The level of service we provide is like that of any personal assistant; we listen to you and take care of every detail, including ones you hadn’t thought of yourself. You will be presented with holiday experiences that fit your brief and maximise your budget, opening-up a world of exclusive possibilities. We have access to holiday experiences that are simply not available to find by trawling the internet.

2 We are FEE FREE

Our search and selection service is totally fee free. This is the lion's share of the work when it comes to organising your holiday. Our business model is based on the commissions we receive from our wonderful partners around the world. It’s no problem if we do all the searching and your circumstances change, it doesn't matter. We are friendly, professional and incredibly proactive when it comes to satisfying all of your travel requirements.

3 We are Travel specialists

You’ll be pleased to know we have fantastic partners and suppliers in over one hundred countries. Our strong relationships give you access to locations, experiences and travel options that you simply would not find on your own. More than that the team at my Travel PA all have a passion for travel and between us we have travelled the globe, there's nothing better than speaking to someone that’s actually been first hand.

4 Ideas and recommendations galore

Does sailing across Croatia float your boat? What about staying in a luxurious beach hut in the Maldives, or an idyllic family resort in Greece? Perhaps road tripping across America or hitting up the Hamptons. Anything is possible, including hiring your own private island! Our travel experts love nothing more than recommending the best resorts and helping put together the best itineraries. You won’t have to wait long for itineraries to be sent through either, we will always provide exciting and well-thought-out holiday ideas that suit your budget and requirements.

5 Our computer says YES!

Nothing kills your vacay vibe like trawling through the internet. The web is full of rigid holiday search engines that do not factor in the specific requirements of larger families and groups when it comes to accommodation and facilities. Adjoining rooms, rooms in the same locations, large group tables at breakfast and dinner, large private transfers…where there’s a PA there’s a way! Our team of expert Travel PA’s are happy to find out the answers to your specific questions straight from the resorts and hotels.

6 We are with you for the whole journey

We love holidays, and if we could fit inside your suitcase to be part of the amazing experience then we probably would! But that’s not what we mean by being with you for the journey. We will check you in online for every flight and email you any travel/excursion tickets and information so that you have everything you need at every stage of your journey. If you lose any information, we will happily send it to you again - our 24 hour number means that you have a Travel PA expert on hand every step of the way. In a world where everything is currently “subject to change”, our Travel PA’s will not leave you hanging meaning its hassle free from start to finish.

7 We are truly independent

We work with all the major tour operators and independent resorts. We are not biased towards any supplier - for us it's about making sure we listen to your ideas and come up with the very best solution. Our passion for travel is the reason My Travel PA exists. For our clients we are a trusted hub of travel knowledge covering all scenarios including honeymoons, family, group, luxury, adventure, road-tripping or multi-generational holidays.

8 You’re in safe hands

My Travel PA is fully bonded by the Travel Trust Association (TTA), ensuring that every customer is 100% protected and secured. As a company, we ensure our teams are fully trained and qualified in their roles, which in-turn reinforces the faith and trust our customers have in all the products, services and suggestions we provide.

9 Wherever your going we want you to #Travel Happy

We are friendly, professional and lovely to deal with (even if we do say so ourselves), and right at the heart of our business are the relationships we build with our clients. By getting to know you we can fully appreciate your plans and preferences, allowing us to build a truly magical holiday experience.

Simply put, we want you to have a brilliant time.

Holidays make the best memories, exploring, taking time to relax and spending precious moments with loved ones away from the hectic pace of everyday life. We are here to ensure it is hassle free from start to finish.